Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tonight Movie Night!... Caballos Salvajes (Wild Horses)

Hi All!

Tonight we'll be showing Caballos Salvajes (Wild Horses)... not the ones from the rolling Stones though, hahaha!

After our glorious season of Vientos de Agua, we will continue with an actual movie, where one of the stars is Hector Alterio (Jose/Andrés Olaya in Vientos de Agua)

Synopse: "Caballos Salvajes (Wild Horses) is a lively yet poignant crime adventure about three fugitive rookie anarchists that transform themselves into media darlings after their botched robbery. Caballos salvajes recaps four dais in the lives of three strangers that become inseparable once they have to face using a gun for the first time, running from the media and their cameras and avoiding death by seasoned criminals who are after their loot"

"Hollywood could learn a great deal from this engaging fill fuul of romance and action that never falters thanks to the performances by these extraordinary protagonists." NEW YORK TIMES


  Marcelo Piñeyro

WHEN: Thursday July 24th, at 7:30 PM (Sharp!)
WHERE: History Corner - Main Quad. Bldg. 200
ROOM: 2 (downstairs) or 105 (ground floor).
(for more directions see
LANGUAGE: Spanish.

See you all later!


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