Thursday, October 19, 2006


Amigos, mañana es la gran final del festival de cortos CAMPUSMOVIEFEST.
Sito: San Jose-The California Theater
Hora: Viernes 20 de octubre a las 7 tarde

Donde se pasaran los mejores cortos de las universidades de UCBerkeley, Stanford, San Jose State University, Sonoma State University, Santa Clara University.

Para comprar la entrada y detalles del evento:

"We would like you to gather your teammates & funs and head down to the Grand Finalein San Jose. We have arranged for a bus to pick you guys up at TresidderUnion. Tickets can be purchased at Thetotal cost is $10 ($4 for the ticket and $6 for transportation). We would love to have you guys at the show, not only to represent your film, but yourschool as well. We are giving away amazing prizes (i.e. apple computers andvideo ipods) so dont miss out on this opportunity. If you have anyquestions, please feel free to email me back at or youcan get more details at the website. Thanks and I hope to see you at theshow."

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