Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 31st "Un día sin Mexicanos" by Sergio Arau

 A Day Without a Mexican by Sergio Arau

Parece que va a empezar un día normal cuando los residentes de California se levantan durante otro amanecer soleado. Pero, sorprendentemente, poco a poco comienzan a darse cuenta de que toda la población latina del estado norteamericano ha sido barrida del mapa…

A thick fog surrounds California's borders, communication beyond state lines is cut off, and the Mexicans disappear: workers, spouses, and business owners are missing. Cars are abandoned in the street, food is left cooking on the stove. We meet the wife of a musician who's gone, a state Senator whose maid doesn't show up for work, and a farm owner whose produce is ripe and unpicked. A scientist asks any Mexicans who haven't disappeared to volunteer for genetic experiments: a female newscaster and the daughter of the musician may be the only missing links around. Why them? And where have all the Mexicans gone? Even the border guards grieve. The state and its economy grind to a halt.

HORA: 7:30 de la tarde.
DIA: Jueves 31 de Mayo
LUGAR: Blume Earthquake Center (Civil Eng) (02-540), 439 Panama Mall. Ver mapa
SALA: Aula 540-108.
SUBTITULOS: Subtítulos en inglés.
Después de la película quedaremos en COHO CAFE en Stanford a eso de las 10:00 horas para cenar y tomar unas cervecitas.

WHEN: Thursday May 31th , at 7:30 PM.
WHERE: Blume Earthquake Center (Civil Eng) (02-540), 439 Panama Mall. See map
ROOM: 540-108 .
SUBTITLES: Subtitles in English.
Please join us after the film in COHO CAFE at Stanford. We usually meet around 10:00 pm for food and beer.

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