Monday, October 27, 2014

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Tuesday October 28th.

Hello! I hope you are having a super scary week! Ghost and goblins are everywhere, Halloween is coming!

So tomorrow we are having a Halloween special night.

One of the following movies will be played:

Option1) El dia de la Bestia (Day of the Beast) from Alex de la Iglesia
Option2) Los otros (The others) from Alejandro Amenabar
Option3) El orfanato (The orphanage) from Guillermo del Toro

The choice is up to you... vote through private or public message or our facebook page. You can either vote your favorite or one you would like to see... the result will be known tomorrow night!

WHAT: ....
WHEN: Tuesday October 28th, at 7:15 PM (movie will be starting 7.35pm)
WHERE: History Corner - Main Quad. Bldg. 200
ROOM: 2 (downstairs).
(for more directions see
LANGUAGE: Spanish.
SUBTITLES: English =)

See you all tomorrow!!


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